Jim Campbell

Realtor® & Mortgage Broker

I am a Born & Raised Calgarian. I watched the Calgary Tower, which back then was the Husky Tower come out of the ground and the city’s skyline change & mature. I started my career with my first job delivering the Albertan morning newspaper. Up at 5 am to get the news out to my customers. To some of this may bring back memories of the Honor System Blue Newspaper Box.  Yeah, you dropped your 2 bits in the top of the Albertan Blue Box and took a paper that was just open. WOW have things changed.  Moved onto the Calgary Herald.  There, I learned the skills of collecting what was owed. You see back then, if someone didn’t pay for their papers, it came out of my money. While going to James Fowler High and attending the University of Calgary, I worked for Canada Safeway working my way into retail management.  From Safeways, my take away was the importance of customer service & teamwork. After Safeway, I worked at selling some interesting products. I had the opportunity of working with some truly excellent entrepreneurs. From them, I learned the value of hard work & dedication.
Now with over 20 years’ experience as both a Licensed Realtor® & Licensed Mortgage Broker, like my very first job delivering the Albertan, there have been many changes. So I have been examining my learnings to pull together programs & processes that will meet & exceed customer expectations. I believe that strong processes that are set up at the beginning of the client experience leads to a high degree satisfaction.
I have worked with top producing real estate teams, three of the major banks & two mortgage brokerages.
With this, I developed & honed my skills & experience that could be utilized in coaching clients to help them meet their goals. Some of the major skills that I developed, are real estate market knowledge, financing options & products, implementation & process. With financing being a huge & integral part of the real estate transaction, I am finding that my extensive experience in mortgage financing a real asset in the advice component with my clients though all aspect of the real estate transaction.
As I work with my clients, I am finding that consumers in the real estate market are very much looking for change. I have been contemplating ideas and developing marketing strategies that are looking to achieve a client experience that is truly fulfilling and leaves the customer with feeling that they’ve received true value in marketing & financing their home with our team.
What I believe clients are looking for is a simplified one stop shop to get advice on all aspects of buying, selling & financing real estate
I have built my business by delivering on a high level of customer engagement. I learned that the initial questions with clients are extremely important in understanding what they want to achieve, and from there I can assist in the road map to meet those needs.  In my conversations, I share my combined knowledge of both Real Estate market conditions & Mortgage lenders & products. This helps to define & ensure the experience is straight forward, flexible, & easy to understand, plus educates the customer & greatly minimizes any undue stress.  The objective is to streamline my client’s experience by incorporating a process from start to finish including securing the real estate with the best financing option based on the individual client needs.